Dream Big, Craft Small


Designer: Jon Wolf

As a fellow artisan in the miniature world, I’m constantly amazed by the craftsmanship of Jon. His attention to detail and passion for their craft shine through in every creation. I’ve been a loyal follower for years, and his work never ceases to inspire my own.
Sarah Thompson

TinyTales Miniatures

I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Jon on a project, and I was blown away by his dedication and creativity. His miniature landscapes added a unique charm to our tabletop world. The team’s commitment to excellence truly sets them apart.
John Smith

QuestMasters Gaming

As a collector of miniatures, I’ve seen it all, but there’s something truly special about Jon’s creations. Their pieces are like little pieces of magic, each one telling a story. I proudly display their work in my collection and eagerly await each new release.
Emily Davis

Mom/Miniature Collector